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Important Knowledge to begin your journey:


We have contact from Guides constantly ….{but we do not recognize it}

Always look for the Logical Explanation, and when there is none then you

Will know that it is from the Spiritual Realm.

Good Diet =Eat Healthy every 3 Hours, drink 6 Glasses of water a day &


 Fresh Air =Sit outside, inhale Goodness into your Body and Exhale all Negativity. Meditate {Barefoot} if only to talk to Mother Earth & your Angels


Exercise=Take a Walk & talk to your Guides, Nature & Nature Spirits


 Rest = Take a Nap or Meditate to restore your energy level for Higher Vibration. Release & Relax.



Cleanliness, Time, & Tools,


Clean and Organized Sacred Space: Spirits do NOT like Unclean, Disorganized or an overcrowded space or environment. Please before you embark on this journey create your sacred space and always


Clean & Redisplay it.  As you display or move the items around ask your Angels to guide you in the setup, you WILL BE Amazed at the finished product; it will look like you have created a masterpiece….{and you have}


Time: You must invest Time to Train your Mind and Senses.  This WILL GIVE confirmation to your Guides to let them know that you are truly serious….

So, they don’t LEAVE YOU.! This is a full-time job, you must CLOCK in every day and throughout the day. Stay alert because they have time for you and are in constant contact with you.

Talk, talk, talk to them, even if it seems to you like you're Crazy.



A new Spiritual awakening is occurring in our Human culture, an Awakening brought about by so many having their lives touched by something that is Not coincidence, you feel a spiritual path unfolding, but you cannot really explain what is going on. Am I crazy, is my mind playing tricks on me, you try to explain the coincidences to no avail. It is all a mystery until you encounter someone whom is also experiencing close to or what you are experiencing

This new Awakening calls out for Change, to let go of the material and turn towards the spiritual, these coincidences is an awakening & opening you up to the real purpose of Human Life on this planet and the real nature of our Universe. And to search & Find your Purpose.

We now must realize that we are not in a material world, yet a world filled with dynamic Energy!

Everything is a Sacred Field of Energy, that we as Humans can project our energy by focusing our energy on the desired direction.


A world of Love & Light: If you rid yourself of Hated, and insecurities you will experience a True connection with Divine energy.

    Clear the Past, (Close your Chapters) Know your personal Gift…. Claim it, then the Dreams & insights begin Synchronicity begins.


Guides will contact us through: Symbols, Touch, Voices, Colors Fragrance, Animals and all can be heard or seen Internal or External.



Rules & Regulations


The Spirit world has Laws, Rules & Regulations just like our world.

You Cannot Rush through Safety Precautions, you MUST learn all Proper

Techniques and NOT allow   Fear   or   EGO to step in.


  • There are NO Shortcuts, you MUST Crawl before you WALK


*Prayer: you must Pray upon waking up & give Thanks at the end of the day. (especially when you have a bad day because you Must (close the door for that Chapter and allow for God to open New Windows). Keep your energy field clear & at a HIGH Vibration. Give Love & Light to all you encounter be a beacon of Light for others, remember what goes out comes back {Karma}

Happiness always!  (*If you lose sight of this PUT yourself in CHECK)


*Release: You Must Constantly Release Bad Energy, Hatred, Hurt, Disappointment, Anger, ETC.


*Protection: You Must personally get to know Saint Michael and His helpers. And Always Protect Yourself. Sage constantly put on your Coat of Armor.

Remember: I am a Child of God and I walk in the White Light Welcome into my world of LOVE & LIGHT


Communication: You Must have daily communication with The Spiritual Realm. You must always Pass their TESTS, they enjoy watching you grow and develop your Connection and Techniques.


Connecting with your Guides is a TRUE Blessing, so treat it as such: it will Strengthen &Enlighten your Mind, you will become more Loving& compassion


Tools & Sacred Items

You can Not Embark on this Journey without proper Tools and knowledge of how to use them.


5 Notebooks:   1. Dream Log   2. Spiritual Messages 3. Automatic Writings

4. Small Book to keep with you always.  5. Day Dream Log

Sacred Space:  Secure & Create an Inspirational area in your Home.

 Important: Spirits DO NOT like an Unclean  or  Untidy Sacred Space.

Set the Atmosphere, Call in your Decorating Angels play Music create proper Lighting then Begin to Decorate it as it is the most important display that you have ever created in your life.  

*Twinkle Lights, Tapestries, Decorative Material, Water Fountain, Personal Trinkets

Use the Colors that you are most drawn to.

Eventually, you want to turn most of your home into sacred spaces. We must break away from the fancy material items and bring in Spirituality by honoring God and all our Angels by making our home a Peace filled Loving environment.

Example How do you feel when you come into our Shop & Center}

Please remember let your Angels guide you on what they want you to bring into your home.

Let them tell you how to display & redisplay your sacred space. As you listen to them and allow them to place the items on your altars when you are done you will step back and say WOW that is so beautiful how did I do that!!!! When in actuality “They did it, all you did was follow their lead


Spiritual Items Needed


  1.  Tapestry / Decorative material, Trinkets


  1. Proper Sage Set Up & Crystal Cleansing set up


  1. Candle (start with White) Sand, {to enhance Energy} Snuffer, Oil, and a Plate or Bowl


  1. Saint Michael Statue or Prayer Card


  1. Holy Water (Crystal bowl) or water fountain


  1. Crucifix, or Statue of Jesus, Angel / Saints / Rosary, Mala Beads


  1. Mama Mary = {Queen of Angels} = (all Optional)


  1. Sage: Seashell, Feather, Matches, Spiritual Box to keep these in.


  1. Incense & Burner & Power Lighter “No stick Incense”


  1. Crystals:  Quartz,  Hematite, Selenite, Rose quartz, Amethyst  Tourmaline and Pyrite


  1.  Pendulum, or Dowsing Rods


  1.  Bells, Singing Bowl,  Tuning fork, Chimes, Drum


  1. Tarot or Angel Cards …. Velvet or Silk Bag


  1. Trinkets special items that your Angels ask you to have.


  1.  For Bath: Sea Salt: wash cloth (White), CC’s Heavenly Water & Scrub


*You Cannot work in the Spiritual Realm without the Proper Tools


 Develop our senses: Once you have fully developed all your senses then your True Journey will begin.  You must attune your Mind and Body.


Pictures: You will see, Spirits in Rocks, Trees, Clouds, Flowers, numbers, faces, animals, fairies, etc.  Turn the picture upside down or sideways to see more!

Rocks / Stones: Same as above.  Messages on paper or material.  Keep a close eye for messages on paper, clothing, walls, floors or in the clouds.

Pennies / Dimes:  collect pennies they are gifts sent from Heaven from our Angels.  Dimes mean it’s time to Pray.  A Diems for his time.

Feathers:  come in pairs, they are Angel wings.  Pick them up and save them and thank your Angel for their gift.  FYI: a message is on its way.

Things moving:  Know exactly where everything is in your surroundings.  They will slightly move items to see if you are paying attention or they will take something if you don’t pay attention.

SMELL: Fragrances:  A smell passing through “smoke, perfume, sage, alcohol, coffee, gas, or a certain smell that belonged to a Loved one, etc.**Tip: Sage – know the smell of your Sage because if the smell turns foul, you know that there is negative around.

ENERGY: A tingle or something walking across a part of our body, scratching a part of your body especially your head, warm or cold feeling.

SOUND: Tune in your hearing to know your environment.  Familiarize yourself to all noises in your home, work, etc. That way when you hear something it will be easy to debunk!

MUSIC: Pick 4-5 songs and constantly replay them, you will eventually hear voices in the background or a change in the rhythm of the song, for example, an added drum beat, a sound of a horn, etc.

  • Contact will also be initiated by hearing someone else talking in a song

  • Just out of nowhere your music track will change and an unfamiliar song will come on….DO NOT CHANGE THE SONG……rather listen to the words and journal this immediately.  The message will be important.

PERSONAL CONTACT: Ringing in your ear, name being called or a noise you have never heard before.

TOUCH: You will feel a warm touch on your body, whether Awake or Asleep.  You feel a hand touch your shoulder, but No One is behind you.  You may be awakened from a sleep because you felt a spider web on your face, or a tickle on your feet or other part of your body.

SPIDER WEBS: {mostly across the face}, This will be Nature Spirits. 

Example: I was walking up the back stairs at my grandmother’s house and the railing was metal, yet I felt a warm hand under my hand.

You need to know the feelings of personal items they will change the texture to test you. Example: I had a PLASTIC bottle of hand cream; I know for a fact that it was plastic because I would toss it around knowing that it would not break.  I brought it home and placed it on the corner of my Sacred Space to fill it up.  A few days later I picked it up and noticed instantly that it was heavier even thought it was Empty! Wow they changed a plastic bottle to GLASS.

Raising Vibration Connecting with the spirit world is much like tuning into a radio frequency. When tuning into the spirit world you will be raising your vibrational frequency as spirits then lower theirs — so you both meet in the middle. remember what you hear 1st is the Truth Do Not second Guess yourself What you receive always has meaning, say what you see & Record it. It will have valuable Information.

Automatic Writing This truly is a simple process, follow all my teaching:

{Grab a notebook and a Pen!}  * Begin with Date & Time

1. Quiet Mind, Quiet surroundings….or your favorite music!...No Fear! Only Trust

2. Sage yourself & area, Protect yourself

3.  Raise your Vibration

4. Pray & call in Automatic Writing Angels or Message Angels

5. Allow them to take over your mind, body & pen.

* Afterwards, read your message you may need to turn the writing Upside-down.

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