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About CC's Readings


            My readings, (Spiritual guidance) can and will help you if you allow them. 


 I CC, ask that in your reading that you come prepared with questions, willing to pay attention and not only Listen  but  Hear what I have to say!

 Because the answers  come direct from my Angels.

Please be Open and willing to take the information given and adjust your lifestyle


Open yourself up to living in the 5th dimension.



In this 5th dimension we hold our  own destiny.

    Our Creator used to hold our destiny…Not anymore,   We now create our own future!

The 5th is a dimension of living in the   NOW,    manifesting what you wish to manifest!

(but  be careful what you ask for).


    Included in my readings are my life lessons that will assist and guide you

so that you can realize that you Can do it.

You CAN change your life and find happiness and peace on this earth accepting the trials & tribulations that life throws at you but being OK with them moving on and accomplishing your true Purpose of what you were put on this earth to do!




Reading Layout


1st = We talk, I get to know you and what information you wish to receive from a reading.


2nd = I pray and give gratitude for my Angel guides, God and our Protectors.


3rd = You Close your eyes and pick Trinkets out of bowls and lay out your spread.


4th = I will answer all of your questions, give you spiritual guidance on your Life’s journey.


5th = You will pick   3 cards  this always confirms everything we spoke about. (to give you a visual)


6th = You will pick  1  last card that will be a final message from Your Angel.



·    You are able to show me any pictures of any living people that you have questions on.


·    There will be teaching and life lessons shared.

House Cleansings

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