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After Care

  Remember  we are all here on this Earth, to Serve a Purpose, We need to seek out

  our Purpose and Serve our Purpose so that we do not have to come back to

 this Earth and do it all over again.

  Keep notebooks handy,

  One is Used for Daydreams.....write down what it is that you would like to manifest     in the Future. Daydream it, live it and Manifest it!

  One is Used for your Spiritual endeavors Signs from your Angels.....

  Synchronicity..(nothing happens by accident.)

 One is used for Messages from your Angels.

 Be sure to Include date and time if possible, it all has a meaning!


  *Spend time Daily to Pray or Meditate

  Light Special Candles..... Burn Resin with your Intuition Crystals..

  Stay Grounded,  yet,  running at a High Vibration.

    Give Gratitude & Thanks and the end of everyday  and

        CLOSE your Chapters Stay living in the NOW !!!!!!!!

  If you follow daily Spiritual Rituals,  the doors will be open for you

    to walk through   for you to see your TRUE Purpose on this Earth.

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