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Preparation for your Spiritual Psychic Reading

        I CC, take my readings very serious as so should you.


  *Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment,


   *Have with you a list of all of your questions.


    *Have all of your Chapters Closed.



  As a true Psychic, I believe that I was given this gift to guide and assist     people to a better life,

  filled with Pure LOVE and Spirituality.



  I CC, can only accomplish this is you arrive as fully prepared as I. 

 The information given to you can and will change your life if you not     only Listen but HEAR what my Angels are telling you and  take heed and     follow through.

                  (which means you MUST do the work!)



  I  do NOT have a Magic wand that I can wave over you for you to change and instantly everything in your life will be perfect.


What  I  can do is guide and assist you with the proper information and steps to take to live a more

Peaceful & Happy life filled with PURE Love creating a better you.

But as with anything in Life there is work involved on your behalf.



In 2021 the first words out of most everyone’s mouth is:  I feel STUCK


 CC’s Answer is : Yes, if you say so then you are stuck in the 3rd   dimension…….


  I have been teaching & preaching for this entire year….YOU MUST Shift       your energy to the vibration of the

 5TH Dimension…….If you do not you will constantly wallow in your grief   and forever be unhappy.


Remember as I mentioned on my home page only 1%  of people pay attention and work hard to shift and make the change.


 So now visit our 5th dimension tab to learn the rest of what you need to   know.

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