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When booking an appointment

a fee of $75 or more is required.

It is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Spiritual Psychic Reading  =  $150.00


 Mediumship (speak with your Loved ones) =  $175.00  


Contact Past Lives or Spirit Guides =  $175.00


Reading & Mediumship = $275.00  


Reading & Healing  =  $295.00  



Animal Spirit Guide Reading

(does not require an appointment)

Keep in mind : CC is  Off  Monday & Tuesday 


·         Pick out or bring in a Pine Cone ..CC will read it, then read your Personality traits from a book.

·         Your personality traits will suit you perfectly then CC will share with you who your Animal Guide is,

And just  how to work with animal messages.

CC says:

It is just like having a Psychic reading all the time

If you take the  time to pay attention to just what the animals have to say to you.

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