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I've been coming to CC over a year now. Once you enter her store you feel at home and feel this positive energy around you. The employees and CC  are very helpful, especially when it came how to heal and closing chapters. My sisters love coming to CC store when they're in town and have gotten readings from her that were accurate. She has such a beautiful soul and I'm so happy I came into her shop.

Daisy J.

Las Vegas, NV


This shop is unique in that it's 100% purposefully organized. Every last inch of this shop is filled with love and positive energy. Everyone I know that has gone to CC's shop for readings, crystals, candles or any of her services has been impacted greatly with positivity and love. Just walking into her shop, immediately you will feel the goodness that grows there. CC herself is a soul of light & love. She is honest, kind and compassionate. Her readings are the REAL DEAL. I considered myself very neutral when it came to spirituality before my path crossed hers but since meeting CC and going to her shop I have found new purpose and an understanding I would've never had without her. I can't imagine that you will EVER find a shop that is truthfully made to heal and nurture people. Everything sold there is not just of high quality but is ensured to be real items, from the stones to the palo santo, it's all REAL. This shop, it's practices and the people that work there are truly a beacon of light in this crazy world. I will recommend CC and her shop to anyone I meet, this place is truly remarkable and I am so fortunate to have found it.

Zoë M.

Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV


Love this place!! Got a reading done by CC a few months ago and everything she predicted has happened to me so far. Me and my friends have all gotten spirit guide reading too and those were very accurate. Everyone who works here really knows their stuff and create a great connection with every customer. They have any spiritual aid you could ever need and are well informed on everything in the store. If this isn't your go to spiritual shop it should be.

Bella W.

Las Vegas, NV


I was very impressed by the reading of CC she is very caring and legit. Everything she said was confirmation, and I will be back for more services.

GoddessTemple 1.

Las Vegas, NV

I love this place, CC and her staff. I have had a few wonderful readings with CC, including the pine cone and they were all great. I come here frequently since 2017 for crystals and other supplies and the great energy. I bring friends and family as well. There is a great selection of everything you may need from singing bowls, oracle/tarot, of course crystals, candle work, bracelets, pendulums etc. Cc has helped me so much and I am forever grateful. Watching her business grow warms my heart. Everyone there is so welcoming and will listen and share their insights if asked. It is not a one size fits all place.  They are very into individuals needs. I highly recommend.

Serena M.

Goodyear, AZ


Absolutely love CC! Before I even had reading, walking into her store you are immediately welcomed with open arms and treated like you are family. I absolutely love, love LOVE their staff, they are so helpful, upbeat and kind. I had always wanted to see a medium when I had lost my little boy when he was almost 2 at the hands of my ex husband. I had so many questions about the way he passed but didn't know how to get them. Then after my father passed away, it was difficult to handle. He was my hero. There were so many things I didn't get to say before he died. I had carried these burdens around for so many years! A few months ago I talked to an online psychic and was so disappointed at how her story kept changing as I went along and how she described my dad couldn't have been more wrong! So I went to CC for a reading and she was 100% on point! She able to connect with my dad and she connected to my little boy. She described my father exactly the way he always was, answered all my questions, lifted the burdens I was carrying and gave me a sense of peace and understanding I hadn't had for almost 19 years. She knew things only myself or my family would have known. She is the real deal! I tell everyone if your needing answers or comfort at the least- CC is who to talk to. I want to extend my love and thanks to CC and her staff!

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