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Why Clear Quartz Crystal is so important to own and work with 

CC Says: Clear Quartz is your Master Crystal, it should be the first and Favorite Crystal that you own.


I began working with Clear Quartz Crystal when I was 16 years old and working

as a waitress. My parents had fallen on hard times, my dad got Cancer and they

lost their business so I needed to help them out financially.

I did not know to much about Crystals back then but my Angels taught me that if

I talked to my Quartz Crystal it would help me to manifest just what I needed within

reason. My Prayers were for my dad to get healed and for me to make enough money

to help out the family.


Guess what? Even my dads doctors said “it was a Miracle but he was cured from his colon cancer after surgery and I made enough money to help out.


Now days I use my Quartz Crystal just about every day, programming it for something different every day and always being given what I ask it for. I love all of my Crystals but I also treat them with the utmost LOVE & Respect that they deserve, why; because they work hard for me.!


If you are asking to manifest abundance (money) you must always work with a Rose Quartz for LOVE and a green candle with red sand. Why? The  important thing that you should Pray for is an Abundance of  LOVE and then all of the other abundances will come your way.!

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